Thomas Darcy McGee
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Ottawa Apr  7  1868:  Thomas Darcy Mc Gee elected member to Canada's parliament: murdered  by a bullet to the back of his head by a cowardly fanatical Irish Fenian. To all who struggle for a better society this poem is humbly dedicated
this dramatic story poem is no. one in a series of seven  
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Thomas Darcy McGee 

BANG !!! 
a sudden tornado of  flashing explosions 
in a cauldron of  
sharp reds - sharp blues - sharp yellows 
and then - incredible whites 
swirl across  my minds eye 
ringing fills my ears 
terrible pain 
pain tearing at the back of my head 
feeling numb 
everything ringing dark 
I don't feel 

they found him 
a limp crumpled body in the doorway 
a mangled mix  
of blood - muscle - bone - and brains 
all oozing from the back of his head 
flowing out onto the white snow 
a violent death 
born of hatred 
hatred nurtured in the dark evil hearts 
of fanatical Irish extremists 
twisted by their megalomania 
washed by fountains of alcohol 
flowing through their drunken numbed veins 
fueling their hopes and aspirations 
of glory in the new order 
the new order  
that they would establish 
by conquering Canada and holding her ransom 
ransom to blackmail England 
into surrendering Ireland 

Ireland in their evil hands 
smashed and broken 
into a thousand warring kingdoms 
each ruled by a cruel drunken coward 
was the Irish darkness that 
Thomas Darcy McGee 
had come to understand as the evil beating heart 
behind the Irish Fenian movement 

they had killed their greatest enemy 
that Irish turncoat traitor McGee 
Mc Gee versed in their secret ways 
spoke in words 
words that easily sliced through their cunning half truths 
exposing hidden falsehoods 
buried deeply by lying manipulators 
dreaming of power 

Thomas Darcy McGee 
lay dead on the ground 
as the conspirators scattered like rats 
back to their dark holes of drunken  hatred 
they had succeeded 
in changing the course of history 
in a way they had never expected 
in another way they would never understand 

Thomas Darcy McGee 
knew in his heart 
that too many of his countrymen 
had not a drop of noble blood in their veins 
and that such men 
must never rule Ireland 
his Irish people 
needed a few generations of peace 
to rebuild their broken families 
into families that cared for each other 
decades of violence had brutalized his people 
and peace in Canada 
even if Canada were ruled by the hated British 
the British in Canada would hold them together 
stop the killing 
and his people could rebuild  
and grow into nation builders  
such were the thoughts 
of that hated man 
Thomas Darcy McGee 

Keith O'Connor 
ottawa canada 
2002 Jan 9 
Copyright © 

story poem is no. one in a series of seven  
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 this  poem is based upon historical records of the period  
History has recorded the hanging of Patrick Whelan for this dastardly deed. That was the public trial. The private trial resulted in the shunning of an old lowertown family whom it was believed actually planned and executed the murder. As a child I was taught "the curse of McGee flows in their blood". This poem reflects my coming to terms with that proportion of my blood through which flows the curse.
Thanks to my wife Sharon for her editorial comments:  2002  Jan  9    
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